‘Electronic Dog Sniffer’ Introduced in UK Airport

Brand New Technology Set To Reduce Passenger ‘Indignity’

A brand new airport security system is being trialled at Glasgow Airport this month. The new technique is able to detect any explosives without passengers having to remove their shoes and coats. It is hoped that this new machine will cut down the waiting time for passengers by using laser technology to scan each passenger for potential hazards, a welcome relief for those that dread the airport search. The system is being dubbed the ‘electronic sniffer dog’ and has so far proved successful with passengers, with almost every passengers entering Glasgow airport agreeing to walk through the machine. The machine scans each passenger individually in conjunction with the normal screening process, results are provided immediately therefore there is less chance of long queues.

This detector is just one of the new techniques being introduced into airports over the next few months to try and ensure optimum security that is also efficient for passengers. Body scanners and machines that can test liquids are also being trialled. The company behind the new body scanner have described how there is a wide scope for fusing this new technology with new and existing security measures, testing passengers for a multitude of different hazards at once. One security analyst has stated that this new system will reduce the ‘indignity’ faced by passengers when asked to remove items of clothing, however he went on to warn that companies developing new technology must properly assess the health and safety risk of any security measure.

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