A warm welcome ‘Knight and Day’!

With a big budget Hollywood movie being filmed throughout many of the major cities, Spain has decided to use this as an opportunity to draw tourists back to the country. The recent pictures of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz filming their new film ‘Knight and Day’ in Seville are being used as an encouragement for visitors to return to this once popular Mediterranean getaway. With many non-euro destinations luring in the now cost-conscious holidaymakers, Spain has suffered in the recent economic downturn.
Spain’s government officials are doing all they can to make the filming of ‘Knight and Day’ a smooth and easy process, in the hope that shots of the famous Hollywood duo will encourage tourists to come back to the country.
The film has already captured the running of the bulls in Cadiz and many picturesque landscape shots in Seville, highlighting the charm of the Southern cities and the traditional spark that many find so appealing about a Spanish holiday.
Bruno Garcia, a Cadiz councillor, has stated that “This is part of efforts by the municipality to promote the city, attract film producers and project Cadiz’s tourism image internationally”. Cadiz has especially welcomed the filming with open arms, providing offices for casting and security during filming.
This is not the first time that Spain has laid out the welcome mat for Hollywood stars, the hit film Vicky Christina Barcelona was filmed here recently with scenes described as being ‘a love letter to the city’.
With the tourism economy slowly returning to its former self, Spain has its fingers crossed that its efforts will not go unnoticed!

Author: Mary Stevens
Date: 08/01/10

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