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Travel Welcomes High Speed Rail

Along with new government comes new ideas and it seems that the Conservative Party have various plans which they aim to implement this year, one of which is the proposal of financing high speed rail in parts of the country. The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) is in full support of the government’s plans, so long as it doesn’t have adverse affects towards air travel.

Currently the plans would see a high speed rail link going from London to Birmingham and Manchester and Leeds. While ABTA have encouraged the plans believing it to be a superb move for public transport, they also think that links for various major airports throughout the country.

The concern that these new high speed travel links will come at a cost to the aviation industry are very slim, as surely the better the transport to the nation’s biggest cities the easier it will be to reach airports. All this talk is certainly exciting for what it can bring to transport, but it remains early days as these plans still remain plans. No links are expected to be created before 2025 which means we have a long wait for a high speed service.

Transport to most places takes its toll, those of us who have had to beat the traffic and extended distances to get the airport on time know this. With high speed travel available it would make everyone’s life that little bit easier, of course. I suspect tourism both internationally and domestically will gain hugely from the governments new plans, if only they could implement them sooner!

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