Abta release their tourism manifesto

A new manifesto detailing important issues in the tourism sector has been launched by Abta

With the next general election looming on the horizon, Abta has released it’s first ever travel manifesto, underlining many of the most important issues faced by the travel and tourism sector. Representatives from the travel industry association along with MP’s and civil servants all attended an event held at the House of Lords to introduce the document. The manifesto has five main demands all aimed at increasing confidence in the tourism industry from both a consumer and an employee perspective.
1. Reform consumer protection for flights, accommodation and package holidays to ensure that the travelling public stays protected.
2. Reform Air Passenger City to give incentives to  planes to fly full with a determined tax contribution based on the actually efficiency of the air plane instead of the per-passenger basis which is used at the moment.
3. Safeguard jobs in the tourism sector by removing barriers and limits which hinder employees from doing business successfully.
4. Increase UK airport capacity especially in the south east to ensure that they are prepared for future demand.
5. Create a dedicated tourism minister responsible for domestic, inbound and outbound tourism sectors.
With this election manifesto, Abta is showing that it is serious about taking the concerns of the industry right to the heart of the government. Chief executive of Abta states that the manifesto ensures that all of these issues are recorded in black and white and that ‘none of the political parties should be in any doubt where the travel and tourism sector now stands on out key issues’.

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