Air NZ and Rhys Darby Win Over Kiwi Sceptics

Air New Zealand is doing pretty well on the social media circuit right now with these latest videos – part of their biggest promo campaign in ten years! We absolutely love them!

A lot of companies are trying very hard these days to tap the potentially huge market of YouTube by making quirky videos that they hope will ‘go viral’, but Air NZ have done a genuinely great job here. Fans of Kiwi comedy masterpiece Flight of the Conchords will recognise the inimitable Rhys Darby as the voiceover of each of these four videos. His comments really are what make these videos work, with Aussies matching various stereotypes being brought over to NZ and being subjected to his gentle mockery.

In each video a sceptical Aussie is tricked by Air NZ to take a holiday to New Zealand, described as being “probably the best place ever made.” Each is then won over to the nation’s charms by a carefully selected Kiwi guide and a tailor-made holiday itinerary.


Our favourite of the four videos is up first, with Aussie hipster Patrick given the Kiwi Sceptic treatment to cure him of the impression that New Zealand is “just full of hobbits and dubstep.” Kiwi hipster-blogger Isaac is his guide; check out how he gets on:

Sydney Princess

Next up is Sydney princess Rebecca, who likes shopping, cocktails and all things luxury. She thinks New Zealand is OK for sheep and old people, so how will she deal with the prospect of a Kiwi roadtrip instead of the promised trip to Bali? With the onset of some pretty terrible weather, there are “no LOLs” to be had, as our narrator puts it… can Kiwi host Aroha claw things back from the brink of disaster?

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Things get a touch more manly in the next video, with true blue Aussie bloke Martin flown across to New Zealand to meet ex-pro rugby player and pig hunter Matua. Again, the weather in NZ does its best to throw a spanner in the works, and a broken down car doesn’t help either… but with a little celebrity company, home cooking and some fun on a boat, things start to improve!


Last up we have the Europhile Kiwi Sceptic, artist and wine lover, Jodi. She loves Europe and its culture, and thinks New World countries just don’t have the historical depth to interest her. “Whatevers”, as our narrator says… Jodi is told she’s being whisked off to Europe, only to be flown to Christchurch instead! Her face is a pretty picture, but Kiwi historian Dr Lyndon Fraser meets her at the airport and begins her re-education!

So a happy ending for each and for the nation of New Zealand! Air NZ has managed to capture moments of genuine surprise by pampering these sceptical Aussies with a dream holiday “across the ditch”, and has succeeded in presenting the real New Zealand and its people in a hugely positive light, despite the weather!

And just in case you need a bit more of Rhys Darby, here he is in action in some outtakes from hit show Flight of the Conchords

Check out for details of each person’s itinerary while in New Zealand.

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