Air Travel Crisis Continues

Volcanic Ash Clouds Europe’s Skies

With the start of a new week the issues that have been made by the volcanic eruptions in Reykjavik, Iceland still burn on. With the skies now a serious risk for any passenger plane throughout the most of Europe delays are affecting practically everybody. Holidaymakers can’t make it abroad or back home, business are being held up and airline themselves are losing millions everyday as a result, in fact the only winner in this whole predicament is the environment.

The volcanic ash cloud has spread far and wide hitting the Mediterranean Coasts and shores of Russia all the way from the Arctic Circle. While flights are cancelled for the foreseeable there are still plenty of people trapped on foreign soil without a way of getting home, enter the government and their plans to rescue stranded UK nationals. Gordon Brown plans to use Royal Navy ships to transport the UK holidaymakers from destinations around Europe back home.

The footballing world is also suffering in this crisis as the semi-final Champions League tie between Barcelona and Inter Milan is set to take place Tuesday evening but the Barcelona team has to travel by coach to the San Siro stadium covering a distance of around 985km.

British soldiers expecting to return home have had to be delayed also as many troops leaving Afghanistan made their way to Cyprus only to find out they would have to sit tight, although the forces have been making special effort to see them home.

The pockets of airline owners will be hit dramatically as a result of this natural disaster as with around £130 million lost every day. Airlines like British Airways have been losing £25 million and EasyJet £5 million.

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