Airlines Warned Over December Snow Travel Chaos

Passengers ‘Misled’ Over EU Obligations

After thousands of passengers were left stranded due to the ‘big freeze’ some airlines are being warned about their apparent ‘unacceptable treatment of passengers’ during the December chaos. The Civil Aviation Authority has investigated the actions of several major airlines and written to them to discuss any EU-enforced obligations that were not met. All passengers stranded due to severe weather are entitled to refunds, accommodation, meals and even telephone calls if required. The Aviation Authority has found that many airlines did not inform their passengers of the fact that they were entitled to these things, with some even going so far as to mislead passengers when they enquired. A spokesperson for the CAA has described the situated as ‘ongoing’ with investigations into both UK and international airlines. A statement released by the authority has stated that ‘The regulations stipulate that during periods of disruption, airlines offer refreshments and, where appropriate, put passengers up in hotels, the CAA has today written to a number of airlines, both UK-based and overseas-based, to make clear that their behaviour is unacceptable’.

Passengers left stranded at Heathrow Airport

Many were forced to sleep in the terminals

The CAA has taken into account the stressful conditions surrounding the travel chaos caused by the snow, acknowledging that many airlines did go above and beyond to look after passengers during this time. Any passengers that did go any make their own arrangements are being urged to keep any receipts as they can claim for reimbursement of ‘reasonable expense’ from the airline.

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