Airport Closures

Current Closures Due to Weather

As expected the severe winter weather has become too problematic for some airports and the risk of allowing flights to go ahead is too much. Already today airports have been contemplating closure for the rest of today or at least till conditions improve dramatically.

Durham Tess Valley Airport has announced that it will remain closed for the remainder of today (1/12/2010). Gatwick Airport, one of the UK’s busiest, has also announced that it has been forced to close for the day as a result of the arctic weather. Heavy snow in both areas of England has resulted in freezing conditions and poor visibility.

Airlines are urging people to regularly check online so that they are made aware of these closures before they set off, to prevent passengers turning up to receive the disappointing news. Thousands of people will have been looking forward to escaping the bitter weather that we are currently experiencing, but it appears they will have to put up with things for at least another day.

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