Airport Drop-Off Charge Facing Public Backlash

Edinburgh’s proposed £1 fee deemed a ‘negative blow’
The planned airport drop-off fee that will be introduced at Scotland’s busiest airport has been deemed a treat to both business and tourism, according to a new poll. Three quarters of the people who responded to the poll decided that the planned £1 fee at Edinburgh airport would have a negative impact. More than 40% of participants in the poll also believed that the introduction of the fee would affect whether they chose to use Edinburgh Airport in the future with many stating that they did not think that the charge would encourage more people to use public transport instead of their own car.
The airport is set to launch the drop-off charge in October in time to open a new, larger drop-off parking area next to the main terminal. There will still be a free drop off area however it will be linked to a nearby long stay car park which is connected to the airport by a free shuttle bus service. Several petitions have already been presented to the airport after news of the fee hit the headlines including several deeming the charge to be a blow for Scottish tourism, one of the largest industries within the country. A spokesperson from Edinburgh airport has stated that “We’re happy to meet the members who took part in the survey to explain that the alternative to asking drivers to pay an optional charge is to charge airlines more for using the airport, which we believe will have a far more detrimental effect on tourism”. The statement also focused on the wide choice of routes and facilities available in the airport however only time will tell if the drop-off fee will stop people choosing Edinburgh as their airport of choice.

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