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Film tourism helped by the Oscar’s
This year’s Oscars have created more than just a desire to go out and see the nominated films. Many tourists are choosing to base their holidays around some of the famous sights in the films, from South Africa to Detroit these recent films have brought extra tourism revenue into many countries around the world. One of the most popular sites was immortalized in the Meryl Streep film ‘Julie and Julia’ long lines form each day to view a replica of the real Julia’s kitchen at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.
Although it is unlikely that visitors to Detroit airport will bump into George Clooney. The airport was one of the locations featured in the film ‘Up in the Air’ and fans still arrive each day to recreate George’s footsteps in the acclaimed film. Detroit in one city that has featured in many popular films, tour companies within the city even offer guided tours around some of the most recognisable sites. Another Oscar related destination is The Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort and Spa, featured in the film ‘Crazy Heart’ featuring Jeff Bridges. The cast spent nine says filming at the retreat, which is situated deep in a New Mexico valley.
South Africa is one of the most popular Oscar tourism destinations, the film ‘Invictus’ starring Morgan freeman and Matt Damon has inspired tours to destinations used within the film. The film focuses on the history of a democratic South Africa and the 1995 Rugby World Cup, a key vent in Nelson Mandela’s attempt to unite the country. Film tourism is growing in popularity, with many people enjoying the benefits of visiting a new country and exploring recognisable sights that they have witnessed on the big screen.

Author: Archie Arch
Date: 09/03/2010

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