Another One Bites the Dust

Sun4U Goes Bust!

Birmingham based holiday company Sun4U has went the way of the Dodo in recent weeks leaving many people in limbo over their plans for the summer. Recently a few small travel companies have been bought out before meeting their financial demise, but many others haven’t been as fortunate and have went out of business. This isn’t something that is solely occurring in the UK, all across Europe there are companies shutting up shop due to a lack of business.

Those who have been dealing through Sun4U will need the following information. If you are currently away on a holiday via Sun 4 U then you can rest peacefully as you will be able to return home at the same time with no extra hassle. For those who have been getting ready to fly away having booked everything directly with Sun4U, whether it was via the website or over the phone, would have to check with the airline and hotel they would be using to make sure that their reservations remain. And for those who booked through a travel agent, I’m sorry but your holiday has been cancelled, though you can expect a full refund.

Although it appears that some people may suffer a minor headache and a little more hassle, it does appear that there is a happy ending for all concerned so long as people are covered by an Atol Package. Of course without such insurance will be left without no holiday and no refund. How many more travel companies will fall before summer is out?

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