Aruba Gains Favour with UK Travellers

The Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba has firmly established itself as a Caribbean hotspot for British travellers, with an increase in UK visitors of more than 25 per cent between 2009 and 2010.

Over 14,500 Brits travelled to the Dutch Caribbean island in 2010, and there are increasing numbers of UK airlines and operators adding Aruba to their books as its tourism board continues its promotional efforts. The Caribbean island is just 19 miles long and six miles wide, but packs in a wide variety of attractions to draw in visitors. Aruba’s beaches are regularly voted among the best in the world and the island’s Dutch heritage gives it a unique history and culture for visitors to explore.

The language spoken on Aruba is a unique jumble of a variety of other languages, but visitors shouldn’t have any trouble communicating with locals, as the island lives up to its tagline “one happy island”. Locals are laid back and friendly, and standards of living on the island are high compared to many other popular Caribbean destinations. Excursions can be taken to the various highlights the island offers, including the compact Alto Vista chapel and the California lighthouse, and jeep safaris are a great way to see some of the dramatic landscapes and rock formations which can be found across Aruba.

Boat trips and snorkelling excursions are also plentiful and an essential activity on any holiday itinerary for the destination. For those less inclined, or able, to take a dip into the waters, the Seaworld Explorer ‘semi-submarine’ offers a glimpse into the underwater world surrounding Aruba, taking in the coral and other marine life, as well as the Antilla shipwreck.



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