Ashes Score Update

England Get Noses In Front

As the summer time is in effect down in Australia at the moment, it creates more reason for people to enjoy a stay in the cities hosting one of the five test matches in this year’s Ashes. So far England strived to clinch a draw in the first test before rallying around and winning the second. Leading the Ashes series 0-1, this means that the Poms have a very strong stance going into the rest of the competition.

This time of year is popular because of the weather in Australia and the Ashes series, but there is also another reason. The Sydney New Year celebrations in are one such example where people come from all over the world because of the elaborate festivities which occur.

The opportunity to enjoy a holiday in Australia this year will unlock the ability to possibly witness England’s first Ashes victory away from home since 1986-87. Couple that with Sydney New Year, then 2011 could kick off with a bang!

Confidence is high within the England cricket camp and rumours of a Shane Warne return has been greeted with a grin from players. Many believe this recall is a sign that the Aussies are already rocking in their bid to retain the ashes. Kevin Pietersen was fined this morning having been caught speeding in a Lamborghini which was loaned to him by Warne. Hopefully this won’t affect his good form.

With plenty to play for it seems that this Ashes series this year is going to be a classic. Let’s hope that there is a happy ending this time around.

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