Atlasjet Swoop In

More Holiday Headache for Tourists

Flights from European airline Cyprus Turkish Airlines has been suspended as a result of dire financial difficulties. While travellers are already fretting over what predicament this leaves them in, Atlasjet have swiftly came to the rescue and will be picking up the slack, though not all flights could be saved. Although some holidays were salvaged for holidaymakers, it did mean they were taken to different airports which meant there was a much longer transfer over to their resort.

Having sunk into a bad state of affairs financially, Cyprus Turkish Airlines managed to find an investor that would help them stay afloat and this came in the way of Atlasjet. The rival airline went ahead and concluded a deal which saw them own 51% of Cyprus Turkish Airlines, which means they can still operate with a few to re-establishing themselves and securing their financial situation.

Atlasjet now have the responsibility to cover 12,000 bookings without any extra cost. The airline will need to provide direct flights where possible, though it seems that a lot of indirect travel is been organised for customers who had already arranged their holidays. This is something that won’t go on forever and by May 2011 under a name, New Cyprus Turkish Airlines, things are expected to go back to the way they were.

So while many holidaymakers heading off to the likes of Cyprus or Turkey will still be able to enjoy their summer this year, it seems many people will have to land at a different airport and there are reports some may have to suffer an agonising 9 hour transfer to their resort.

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