BA Employees Vote to Strike

British Airways cabin crew have voted by eight to one in favour of fresh strikes in the latest round of the long-running battle with the airline.

The vote means a strike could take place as early as April 4 and could be in place for Easter.

However, the union has not set any dates for a strike and more talks are continuing with BA, who said today it was a “time for co-operation not confrontation”.

Of about 9,700 crew polled, 83% of the 6,981 who returned valid voting papers voted for strike action.

5,811 crew voted for strike action, and 1,170 voted against. Turnout was 72% and only four voting papers returned were invalid.

Unite said the vote – the fourth official ballot in two years – reflected the “continued resilience” of its cabin crew members.

General secretary Len McCluskey said: “This vote shows that cabin crew remain determined to win justice.

“We urge BA’s boardroom to see this as a clear message that they must think again about how to regain the trust and confidence of a significant part of their cabin crew operation.

“We continue to be in discussions with the company to find a solution to this long-running dispute.”

A BA spokesman said: “This is a time for co-operation, not confrontation. We began talks with Unite earlier this month, and those talks are continuing.

“We hope they will bring an end to this dispute, which is what the overwhelming majority of our cabin crew want.”

The dispute started about BA plans to change staffing levels on some flights, but now centres on the treatment of cabin crew who took part in previous strikes.

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