BA Offers Families Travel Tips

British Airways staff have compiled a few tips for families to make travelling by air with children more enjoyable.

BA advised parents to bring their childrens’ favourite soft toys or comforters with them onto the plane to help them to settle down easier. The airline also suggested bringing a bag of treats to provide a distraction for children during potentially upsetting take-off and landing periods. Parents planning on bringing their own child’s car seat onto the plane were reminded to check with the airline to ensure it meets their criteria.

Carley Lear, senior first officer at BA, and mother of two, said that although it is no longer permitted mid-flight, children can meet the pilots on their flights with the airline: “Children of all ages are very welcome to come to the flight deck to meet the pilots. The best time is after landing when passengers are disembarking.”

“Budding young pilots of the future can also ask their pilot to sign their junior flight log-book which they can get from the cabin crew for free during the flight,” added Ms Lear.

BA Senior cabin crew member Justin Cox suggested that parents bring along a portable DVD player and pre-programmed iPod, which can be handy to give to children if the on-flight entertainment systems have been exhausted. He also advised against bringing games containing lots of small pieces on board, as they were “likely to get lost during the flight and cause upset when you arrive at your destination!”

It was also suggested that families travelling to destinations with a significant time difference to their home should leave extra time for children to get used to the new time zone upon returning home.


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