BA says ‘Thank You’

British Airways thanks it’s customers for their support over strike period.

British Airways has released a thank you message to its customers for their patience during the strike which ended yesterday. The print campaign will run in the majority of the UK’s national newspapers and will include a personal letter from BA’s chief executive, Willie Walsh. The letter praises the thousands of customers who supported the airline during the strike, Walsh claims that BA successfully managed to fly around 80% more passengers than was originally estimated during the industrial action. Although there had been some travel disappointments, in the letter Walsh states that he is “deeply sorry for those customers whose plans have been disrupted’. Walsh thanked the member of cabin crew who chose to work during the industrial action, claiming that more than 60% of BA’s employees continued to arrive at work each day.
The ad follows a number of statements and YouTube videos that have been released to reassure passengers throughout the recent strike. The videos in particular have been used as tools to refute the allegations made by union Unite. The videos had improved the popularity of the airline with many customers either retaining or changing their perception of BA. This use of social media is likely to continue after the strike to regain the trust and support of customers who have been negatively affected by the strike.
In Walsh’s letter he defiantly states that “Unite has failed to ground British Airways. We have put in a fair and sensible offer to the union, and I hope it will allow its members to vote on it”.

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