Barcelona, a Work in Progress

Careful Construction Far From Complete

While there are plenty of significant sites and landmarks you will be compelled to visit enjoying a break in Barcelona, there are few quite as magnificent as La Sagrada Familia. The huge structure unlike most of the metal church buildings was built almost 130 years ago by famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, its purpose as a church is yet to be completely fulfilled as long passed his death in 1926 construction continues.

La Sagrada Familia has become a popular attraction for tourists as building, like many of Gaudi’s, is influenced by nature and the front of it looks as though it was carved. The statues and huge beams which act as an entrance looks as though they are wooden which add to the buildings appeal and charm. The exterior shows of Gaudi’s distinctive style with flower mosaics protruding out of the walls. Many people come to Barcelona simply to enjoy this magnificent church and as it’s so unique it tends to fill up rolls of film in tourists cameras very quick.

Since La Sagrada Familia’s construction way back in 1882 the grand structure still hasn’t been fully completed and even today teams are working hard to create an end product. The amount of cranes and scaffolding have become a bit of an eyesore taking away much of the churches natural elegance. There is at least an estimated date for the final completion of La Sargada Familia which is for the year 2026, while this is some way of it would be a great achieve meant to finish of Gaudi’s work some 140 years later. Certainly a date to put in your calenders!

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