Beat the Queue: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

It’s worth the wait… but you don’t have to! Image

The first thing you’ll notice at opening time at Islands of Adventure is that 99% of people will head straight for the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter”. Now if this bears any interest to you, then you also want to be heading there too! Follow the crowds and head straight for Hogwarts Castle, home of the most popular ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. A little known secret of this ride is the “single rider” line, which is not well publicised by the employees and can be used to your advantage when it comes to queuing.

How to Beat the Queue

Check your bag into one of the lockers provided (this is compulsory) and ask an employee to direct you to the single rider line. This line will cut 90% of the queue and take you straight to the front.

“But I want to ride with my friends!”

We hear you! As a single rider, you are offering yourself to be placed on any ride and not necessarily with the people you queued with, but for this ride it really doesn’t matter. The ride vehicle is designed so that you cannot see the person you’re sitting next to anyway.

Queue for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Wingardium Leviosa would really come in handy right now Image

By choosing the single rider line you have saved yourself a huge amount of time, but you have skipped out the extremely well themed queue. Another hidden gem is that you can ask to just walk through the queue without riding, therefore you can still see all of the amazing special effects. This part of the queue is not always open when the park is extremely busy – so always check first!

Having conquered the most popular ride in Islands of Adventure in super fast time, you now have the remainder of the day to explore the park including the rest of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and other themed sections including Marvel and Jurassic Park!

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