Benidorm, Oh So Pretty!

Or at least it will be after the plans to give the area a nice facelift giving the area a much deserved improvement on some of Benidorm’s ageing areas. Tourism has seen great success in the resort and that has even sparked the creation of a hit TV series on ITV, all this provides plenty reason to invest in Benidorm and make the area even nicer for holidaymakers.

The plan is to use money from private and public sources to finance this makeover that is mainly directed towards the roundabouts that are located all around the town. The idea is to make them much more appealing by adding modern sculptures to them so that they have much more attractive qualities when people are entering the town, giving a good first impression. One of the better ideas for improving a roundabout is by using an old electricity pylon and paint and decorate it with different colours and place it on the new roundabout on Via Parque.

The work starts with one all tourists see first when they enter Benidorm when coming from the AP-7 toll road. The grand outcome is to make unattractive points of the town much more attractive and unique, with the great amount of money coming in from tourism every year it is a good idea to keep the area appealing to ensure people return to the resort as well as drawing in new tourists.

The hope is that the construction is completed within a short amount of time and that all the prospect ideas turn out how they were planned. Of course the best time to start all this would be over the winter period so that there are many months before the start of the busy summer season. One thing is for sure if it does go ahead it will be a very nice modern addition to this fantastic Spanish holiday town.

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