Brazil Welcomes Record Visitor Numbers

Brazil, by far the largest country in South America and an international hotspot for culture, sport and media, has recently logged a record month for its tourism industry, with almost 800,000 international visitors.

The visitor figures come as data from the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) also revealed a 16 per cent increase in foreign spending in the country in the first ten months of 2011 against the records of 2010. With the World Cup coming to Brazil in 2014 and the Summer Olympics coming more specifically to Rio De Janeiro in 2016, national tourist board Embratur has a lot to prepare for. October’s visitor figures were also a 10 per cent improvement over last year contributing $438 million to the country’s economy, according to data from the Brazilian Airport Infrastructure Company, Infraero.

All this means that we can continue to expect large advertisements worldwide dedicated to the advocacy of Brazil as a top class tourist destination. Having been able to attain these levels of growth during the financial crisis has also been a strong indicator of the resilience of Brazil as a brand and an affordable place to visit.

President of Embratur, Flávio Dino, commented: “It also aims to increase the efficiency of international advocacy works carried out by Embratur and shows that Brazil is becoming more competitive with other tourist destinations.”

With carnivals in Rio, museums in São Paolo, beaches in Fortaleza and of course, the world-famous Amazon rainforest, there’s no better time to visit than now – before numerous high-profile sporting events hike flight prices up by 50 per cent!




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