British Airways Headed for Stormy Skies

More Issues Arise for BA Passengers

It has been announced that British Airways have cancelled 15 flights from Scotland ahead of the planned strike by its workers. This news is sure to infuriate passengers of the flights and ahead of the second wave of action to be taken by the airlines very own workers.

As round two begins it is expected to create a four day stoppage from midnight in protest over the proposed changes to their pay and conditions. The changes made come from the top and BA boss Willie Walsh is receiving most, if not all the criticism.

Staff are speaking out against the current circumstances and proposed changes “At Christmas for instance, I’ve worked for 15 years and I think I’ve been home for three of them. Luckily I’ve been able to take my kids away with me at Christmas, but obviously that’s out of the window now.” The advantages staff was previously allowed included a 90% reduction on standby tickets.

Other BA staff indicated that the way the company is been managed it dreadful, “It’s Willie Walsh who is running the airline into the ground.” These damning verdicts from his own staff are bound to reflect badly on the BA boss who is having a terrible time of late.

The flights BA is cancelling are the ones between London Heathrow and Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Passengers of these flights have been instructed to head on the BA’s website for further information. With the previous three day strike still fresh in the memory BA staff look unlikely to budge until their demands are met.

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