British Seaside Holiday Boom

Seaside Resorts Increasing in Popularity
In a new report released this week, evidence is suggesting that British seaside tourism is on the rise. Even after the financial problems faced by the country over the last couple of years, the tourism industry has not only survived, it has emerged stronger than ever. The tourism industry is one of the most important in the country contributing around £3.6 billion to the British economy. Around 121,000 jobs are connected to the industry along with thousands of jobs that are connected indirectly through supply chains. The news of the rise of seaside tourism will come as a welcome relief to those working within the industry and those looking to stay closer to home this year to enjoy a traditional British break.
The report looks at 121 coastal resorts within the country focusing on the economic impact of tourism on each region. Blackpool has the largest concentration of jobs connected to the tourism industry and is the most popular resort for British families. Peter Hampson, the director of the British Resorts and Destinations Association explains that “Leisure and tourism is a growing market. What our figures show is that, even in the face of stiff competition from holidays abroad, Britain’s seaside towns have been able to retain and even expand much of their core business.”
The rise in popularity of British seaside holidays is set to continue into the summer, great news for anyone connected to the sector. With the British summer already heating up, the seaside holiday will no doubt be an attractive option for anyone looking to save money this year.

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