Brits Have £756m Foreign Currency Stashed Away

New research indicates that UK travellers may have as much as £756 million of unused foreign currencies lying around at home, despite the economic climate forcing many to dig deep for spending money this Christmas.

A survey by Post Office Travel Money suggests that the average UK holidaymaker brings back £47.86 in foreign currency from their holidays every year. 18 per cent of those surveyed said that they had brought back over £100 worth of foreign currency which they had never bothered to change back into sterling, while nine per cent said that they had more than £150 lying around at home in various currencies.

Only 28 per cent of the poll showed their thrifty side by saying they always changed their holiday money back to sterling upon returning to the UK. Post Office Travel Money spokesperson Sarah Munro expressed surprise at people’s attitude towards unused holiday money, considering the current economic climate.

“Our research indicated that the average adult usually spends £276 on Christmas gifts – £172 of this on children – and the money stashed away in drawers could go some way to paying for presents,” said Ms Munro.

Post Office Travel Money also revealed that the amount of euros being changed for pounds sterling this Christmas has dropped by 10 per cent, compared with figures for last winter.

Image by Images_of_Money

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