Brits Follow in Fogle’s Footsteps and Swim with Crocs

Following in the footsteps of intrepid adventurer Ben Fogle, Brits heading off on holidays to Australia have been encouraged to go swimming with crocodiles.

While it’s usually sharks that are the focus of attention when it comes to getting up close and personal with dangerous wildlife, Australia’s crocs are now getting a look in. Visitors to Australia’s Northern Territory are in the lucky position to be able to swim with these cold-eyed killers in the state capital city of Darwin.

The impressively named “Cage of Death” at Darwin’s Crocosaurus Cove is in fact entirely safe as visitors will be able to observe the creatures close up but behind the protection of a perspex cage.

Ben Fogle’s second episode of Swimming with Crocodiles (which is due to be aired on BBC Two on Sunday 26 February shows the presenter coming face-to-face with the menacing reptiles.

Visitors to Darwin can also experience a close encounter with a bask (their collective noun) of crocodiles if they wish to by booking a place on the Jumping Crocodile Cruise. The cruise takes place on the mighty Adelaide river, where trained experts will hang haunches of meat from long hooked lines in order to feed the river crocs.

Passengers shouldn’t worry about the prospect of jumping crocodiles hopping on board to terrorise them, as the sides of the boat are specifically designed to avoid such a frightening occurrence!

Image by DeusXFlorida

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