Brits Indulging in Holiday Food and Drink

Brits abroad are making the most of the opportunity to eat, drink and be merry, according to new research by Churchill Travel Insurance.

The survey of UK holidaymakers found that the average spend on food per person came to £610 per person for a two-week trip, shelling out more than £43 each day on meals and snacks. All that eating takes time too, with Brits spending an average of almost four hours each day enjoying the local culinary delights, resulting in almost half of those surveyed (45 per cent) saying they ate more on holiday than they would do normally.

All-inclusive holidays to Egypt, Spain and other destinations are an increasingly popular option, and those choosing an all-inclusive deal were even more likely to indulge themselves, wanting to get as much for their money as possible. 52 per cent of travellers who opted for all-inclusive trips said they ate more on holiday than they normally would, while 25 per cent of all-inclusive travellers also said they tried to drink as much of the free alcohol on offer as possible while on holiday.

“It seems that British travellers are making the most of the cuisine on offer in other countries while they are abroad,” said Annette Fox, spokesperson at Churchill Travel Insurance. “However, remember to check that the food is safe to eat if you’re eating away from your hotel, and be safe and know your limits when drinking alcohol,” she added.

After returning from a holiday, statistics on the Neuropathy Relief Guide show that 23 per cent of Brits said they would put themselves on a health regime in order to compensate for the excesses of their trip away.



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