Cape Town Cuts Cost of ‘Your Best Summer Ever’

Cape Town has initiated a new scheme intended to pull in more visitors over the next few months, offering a range of special offers and discounts to make a trip to the sought-after destination more affordable than ever.

‘Your Best Summer Ever’ is a campaign created by Cape Town Routes Unlimited (CTRU), the marketing organisation for the Western Cape, involving hundreds of local businesses in attracting new visitors to the region. CTRU arranged partnerships with the area’s hotels, attractions, restaurants and tour operators in order to create special deals for visitors to South Africa. Travellers who decide to spend their holidays in South Africa during the campaign will have access to a range of special offers and discount vouchers which will provide them with ways to save money on various aspects of a holiday which can really add up.

Alan Winde, minister of finance and tourism for the Western Cape, explained that the campaign was aimed at holidaymakers looking for a good value trip during these times of economic hardship.

“CTRU has canvassed the industry to come up with some great deals and we are ready to welcome visitors from South Africa and abroad to enjoy their best summer ever,” said Mr Winde. He went on to mention how Cape Town had benefitted from appearing in The New York Times’ recent list of the world’s ten hippest cities, as well as the iconic Table Mountain appearing in a separate list covering the ‘New 7 Wonders of Nature’ around the world.

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