Caribbean Flights Get Green Light

More Flights to the Caribbean

Leading UK airline British Airways have announced that they are increasing the frequency of flights it makes to the tropical destination of the Caribbean. Long haul leisure is something of a current trend as far away destinations have become the most desirable choice for holidaymakers looking to try out places for the first time. BA has announced that the flights in question will be new routes flying from London’s Gatwick Airport. While flights to the Caribbean are more available there needs to be cuts elsewhere and it appears Orlando holidays will suffer as BA will cut 9 flights to 7 at the end of the current timetable.

The places in particular which will greet more tourists include Barbados, Antigua and St. Lucia which will receive one or two extra flights each week in the coming calendar set to start at the end of March 2011. Cancun in Mexico is going to benefit from a new BA route as the popularity of the coastal paradise grows each year. Direct daily flights are also going to be set up for South American destinations too, including Buenos Aires and Sao Paolo.

The other big news concerning BA flights is the new service which will be heading to the Japanese Capital, Tokyo. Haneda Airport is keen go into the UK market to attract more tourists and with the new plan of five flights a week leaving from Heathrow there just might be an increase. This will of course run alongside the current daily flights to Narita Airport also in Tokyo.

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