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South Florida Aim to Lure More Chinese Tourists

Florida’s state tourism agency, Visit Florida, is teaming up with nearby counties Broward and Palm Beach to create more interest for Chinese tourists. As the current world economy stands the Chinese are one of the richest countries and Florida officials obviously believe it’s about time they spent some of that money in a sub-tropical environment.

There is a plan to fly out to the Far East and set up travel shows and then welcome Chinese delegates from some of China’s top travel agencies to assist promotion to the people of China about great holidays in Florida.

Vicky Mao is a Chinese marketer for Visit Florida and she believes that around 300million people within the middle and upper class incomes would consider travelling abroad. This year is already expected to see an increase of 15% of Chinese people heading to USA with estimated figures rising to 556,000. By the year 2020 it is believed that over 100 million Chinese will be travelling abroad, so the attention giving to publicising tourism now is been put in place for the future.

Florida has generally aimed their attention towards Latin American countries and Europe, area which have regularly visited and become a staple in the state tourism diet. With everybody looking to the future many believe the impact that the Chinese will have on the economy will be vastly significant so people are looking to pick up on that now.

In spring the US Travel Association has its annual ‘Pow Wow’ trade show which glorifies the many reasons to visit the US. This year Chinese TV crews will be present as the charming begins.

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