Cheap Holidays for All 4 Seasons in 2013

Booking your annual getaway shouldn’t be a chore but with peak times for travel popping up every 6 weeks throughout the year, it’s hard to figure out when’s cheapest for winter, autumn, spring or summer getaways.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to find some of the sunniest and cheapest destinations on offer for each season and share them with you to help you plan a hassle-free holiday! Pack your bags as we take a look at the best spots for your seasonal holidays where you won’t have to compromise on sunshine, comfort or style!



From November until early December and then just after New Year’s Eve until February, you will find Barbados at its cheapest. Flights are usually around £1000 the rest of the year, but you will find that the prices in winter drop with the temperature to just £650. The same applies for the hotels with the exception of the two weeks surrounding Christmas. Unlike the UK in winter, the average temperature in Barbados for December is about 28 degrees!

United States

Apart from the fare rises during the week surrounding Thanksgiving (November 24), winter is the cheapest time of year to visit the states. Better still, southern states and areas like Florida, California and Las Vegas have a much milder climate, though still in the 20’s, which makes the weather a lot more durable when site-seeing. Holidays to California in November are around £200 – £250 cheaper than in May, and you won’t have to deal with crowded hotels and busy attractions.



Spring often brings out the sun-seeker in us , the trees are starting to blossom and we anxiously wait to swap our winter coats to our spring jackets and the best place to kick start your spring fever is Hawaii. While our island is slowly warming up, fly to Hawaii where the water’s already warm and the beaches dry. Peak times are winter and summer so spring is the perfect season to find some bargains and the flights will be around 20% cheaper!


When it comes to budget beach holidays, Thailand ticks all the boxes. Flights are cheapest around April and May when you will find fares below £500! With the savings made on the flight you can afford to spend a bit more on a hotel closer to the beach or extend your stay to two weeks and enjoy all that Thailand has to offer.



Summer is a tricky one as traditional this is when everybody jets off on holiday as the schools break up for summer, one of the exceptions to this rule is beautiful Milan. Flights fall by about 65% to Milan during the summer season making it the perfect time catch a summer city break without the crowds.


During the summer time flights to Marmaris cost a mere £200-£300! Hotels are fairly cheap as well with prices starting from as little as £20 PPPN. Eating out is cheap and there are heaps of lively nightclubs which also have decent drink prices. If you’re keeping to a tight budget, walking around is free, and with historical buildings and beautiful beaches, it’s a great activity to do in Turkey! So if you’re looking for cheap summer fun, why not make Turkey your destination of choice next summer.



As the UK begins to cool and the leaves start to fall we all start longing for some more summer sun and Cyprus is just the place to beat those autumn blues. With an average temperature of 33c you won’t be disappointed on the weather front and you’ll be smiling even more when you see how cheap it is. Flights are a tiny £105 return from most London airports to Paphos and you can stay in a decent B&B for around €35 PPPN!


Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular destination and is packed with holiday-makers in the summer and accommodation is hard to find but as soon as it gets to autumn the tourist and festival goers clear off leaving the streets clear and the beaches stress free. You can get a return flight for around £250 and accommodation either in the city or by the beach for €40 PPPN.

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