Chile Tourism On The Rise After Rescue

Chile Tourism Set to Increase after Dramatic Rescue Mission

As the world rejoices over the rescue of the 33 trapped Chilean miners, tourism officials in the country are hoping that the amount of media attention focused on Chile will push it into the tourism spotlight. Foreign travel to Chile has been steadily rebuilding after it was hit by an 8.8 earthquake in February and with the world’s media firmly focused on the South American country it appears that Chile is hoping to create something positive out of the miner’s ordeal. The desolate mine close to Copiapo is set to become a major tourist draw for the country with talks already in progress to build an underground museum and preserving ‘Camp Hope’, where the families of the miners spent their time during the 69 day ordeal. The museum will hopefully house some of the key relics from the miner’s ordeal including the rescue capsule and the original note that alerted the world to the wellbeing of all 33 miners.

Travel agents have already noticed a marked increased of interest in the country over the last two months, with one spokesman for a specialist student travel company reporting that “It’s clear that the whole world has been caught up by the passion and dedication shown by the people there, the whole mining episode has no doubt raised awareness of the country and bought it to the forefront of people’s minds.”
Sebastian Pinera, the Chilean President has stated that he believes that the positive ending to the story will encourage people to rethink their impressions of the South American country and pledging that the San Jose mine would ‘definitely never open again’.

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