Chile Welcomes Travellers After Earthquake

Chile works hard to get back on its feet

After the 8.8 earthquake that struck Chile last week the Chilean Tourism Bureau has announced that the countries tourism infrastructure has ‘fared well’. The statement, released on Monday confirms that the far north and south of Chile were not affected by the weekend’s disaster. The capital city of Santiago was affected by the quake however the damage is fairly minimal, the main airport has suffered structural damage to the terminal but the runways have escaped unscathed ensuring that the airport can reopen in the next few days. Electricity and phone lines have been restored in the city already and the public transportation system is fully operational.
One of the most affected areas in Chile is the city of Concepcion; authorities are still assessing the damage to the water, electricity and communication services and will begin the process of restoring them over the next few days. Tourism plays a major part in Chile’s economy, after the events of the last week the tourism board is working hard to ensure that damage to the tourism industry is minimal. Popular tourist areas such as Puerto Varas, Puerto Montt and Pucon have been described as ‘normal’ by the tourism board who have stated that the countries intense preparation for such a disaster has resulted in minimized damage.

In a statement released by the ‘Turismo Chile’ Executive Director Pablo Mill he explains that ‘Chileans are a resilient people and we are hard at work to get the country back on its feet quickly. We look forward to continuing to welcome travellers and are making every effort to making them feel safe and secure’.

Author: Mary Stevens
Date: 03/03/2010

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