China Tourism Expanding

Building Bridges from China to Hawaii

China has recently set their sights on expanding their horizons when it comes to tourism as it is an industry which they feel the country can benefit from hugely economically. Recently China has made connections within Europe with various holiday operators encouraging tourism going in and out of the Far East country.

A delegation of Chinese tourist officials is set to make their way to the beautiful islands of Hawaii expand on the overall business opportunities which they can offer one another. Hawaiian delegates are also expected to go the other way with the vice president of the Hawaii Tourism Authority will be showcasing the islands in during June at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

The talks are set to be primarily on tourism and how the two destinations can help each other, though talks also cover trade, education, energy and investment. China is looking to make strong and lucrative friends in various world markets with tourism being high on the agenda currently.

The overall aim of these talks as delegates travel backwards and forth is to open up a channel for travel directly between the two offerings citizens the ability to head over to the exotic American islands much easier than before. Currently getting to the likes of Hawaii via China will result in various flight changes as there is no direct path, the end results of these talks is to make that journey much more simple and straightforward. Meetings have also taken place in Japan as there may have to be alternative routes that go through it to reach Hawaii.

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