Cyclone Hits Down Under

Tropical Cyclone Smashes into Australia!

Sunday 21st if March saw a tropical cyclone come crashing into the northeast coast of Australia destroying buildings and trees with terrific winds blowing up to 200 kilometres an hour. The devastation left behind included damage to thousands of homes as well as cutting the power to them.

‘Cyclone Ului’ hit the Whitsunday Islands close to Queensland which is a popular tourist area for people looking to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef. Neil Roberts is the Emergency Services Minister and he explained that around 60,000 home left without power after the Cyclone hit. Residents described the storm as ‘pretty wild’ and it was something that was building up over a few days which resulted in the evacuation of residents on some of the low-lying islands in the region.

Many are now assessing the damage that Cyclone Ului has had on the region since is made its way from the sea onto the shores of Australia, with one resident recalled their account on the local radio station “I live in a pretty rickety old house and she was jumping up and down on the stumps a bit – I’ve got an avocado tree through my dog kennel.”

In advance of the Cyclone hundreds of tourists and residents were evacuated out of Cyclone Ului’s path, many beaches were also closed to minimise the damage that would occur. A 19 year-old surfer competing in a tournament lost his life when he got caught in the surf created by the cyclone.

Once the storm hit the land the Bureau of Meteorology said that the Cyclone has now lost its power and shouldn’t cause any more problems.

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