Cyprus Escapes the Holiday Slump

After a Disappointing 2009, Visitors Head Back to the Island

The Cyprus Tourism Board has this week revealed its visitor numbers for 2010. After a disappointing start to the year, the country has shown a significant rise in holiday bookings compared to this time last year. Cyprus officials are even predicting that there may be an even greater upward turn as holidaymakers opt for late winter breaks. Cyprus was one of the countries hit hardest by the recession, with tourism as one of its main sources of income the drop in visitor numbers affected thousands of Cypriots working with the industry. Figures released this time last year highlighted that visitor income dropped from 1.9 billion Euros to 1.49 billion in 2009, this latest news of a recovery is bound to come as welcome relief to those working within the sector.

So far, 2010 has shown a steady climb in visitor numbers reaching record highs in August in September. The Cyprus Tourism Board has worked hard to ensure that numbers keep rising, introducing new campaigns to encourage specialist tourists to visit the country. Sports and health tourism are two of the biggest attractions of a Cyprus break, this year there has been significant funding put towards promoting the country as a destination for sports teams and athletes requiring warm base training. Honeymooners are also being persuaded to choose Cyprus as their destination of choice with several marketing campaigns advertising the long summer season and the many spas and excursions opportunities available to try whilst on the island.

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