Discounts Disappearing

Air New Zealand Reduces Discount Fares

Air New Zealand had developed a habit of rewarding customers who book their travel early by offering discount prices and punishing those booking late with high prices. This was a model many had gotten used to but it seems that this is one habit is about to be kicked.

One of the issues raised is that of short travel, apparently the prices customers have to pay in that respect is extortionate. It is rumoured that Air New Zealand have even cut the number of discount fares that is offers customers. The recession has received the majority of the blame as there are less people travelling. Though an Air New Zealand spokesperson pointed out that if people want to be able to get cheap fares they need to fly more often. This comes when Nelson is seen as still a very productive airport which must be accumulating millions still, it is reason likes this that make the public’s suspicion become aroused.

In these circumstances there seems to be a tennis game of blame on the subject of pricing with the public blaming the airlines for not being competitive enough, whilst the airline says not enough people are travelling to warrant a price reduction. All this trouble is something that always seems to cloud airlines at one point or another but the fact remains people still need to travel, the general reaction from the public is to book early taking the airlines advice. However, late bookers don’t do so out of laziness more out of short notice and necessity so these complaints coming from Nelson may be set to continue.

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