Dublin Welcomes Terminal 2

Brand New Facility Able to Hold 15 Million Passengers

The long awaited second terminal in Dublin Airport was officially opened today and will see its first flights depart from the €609m facility over the next week. The terminal has been in construction for over 25 months and has the potential to hold over 15 million passengers, three times the amount of Dublin’s Terminal 1. The first passenger to arrive at the terminal was full of praise for the new facility stating that “It’s very smart indeed, fantastic in fact. You should be very proud of it, particularly when it’s almost empty!”  Aer Lingus will begin to operate trial flights out of the new Terminal almost immediately before moving its entire operation over to the brand new facility. Passengers aboard the trial flights will still be required to check in at Terminal 1 until further notice.

The terminal has faced several delays due to US officers moving into the new facility. By having the customers officers within the terminal passengers can be pre-cleared to travel to the United States, avoiding the long immigration queues upon arrival. Terminal 2 will carry all of the flights from long haul airlines from the United States, with the first flight set to depart to next Tuesday.

Last year over 20.5 million passengers came through Dublin Airport, with the opening of the new terminal this number is set to increase dramatically. The terminal has faced criticism due to the seemingly escalating cost of the building however a spokesman for the airport has stated that he “genuinely see it as an investment in the future of Dublin and Ireland.”

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