easyJet Wine Voted Top Airline Tipple

Budget airline easyJet has surprised many by coming top in a tasting session of wines served by the main carriers around the world.

Travellers saving a few pounds with easyJet on their cheap holidays to Gran Canaria should treat themselves to a glass of easyJet’s Louis Mondeville Cotes de Gasgogne wine. The French white was voted the best wine available from a selection of 12 white wines sold by major airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and Air France.

An expert panel of ten wine experts and international travellers were given 12 white and 12 red wines to taste, and were asked to rate each sample on a scale of 1-10. easyJet’s white saw off competition from offerings sold by more prestigious airlines such as Emirates and British Airways. The company’s customer and revenue director, Catherine Lynn, described her pleasure at hearing that easyJet’s wine selection had been so well received.

“As a wine lover myself, I was delighted to hear that the white wine we sell onboard has been selected as the best airline wine,” she said. “We take pride in providing a great experience onboard and are pleased that our passengers can sit back and relax with the best wine in the sky,” added Ms Lynn.

Other white wines praised in the taste test included a Sauvignon also from the Cotes de Gasgogne region of France, sold by SAS and given second place in the rankings for white wines. Third place in that category fell to a Spanish Sauvignon Blanc from Spain, served by Virgin Atlantic. Top in the red wines category was an Argentinean Argento Malbec served by British Airways.



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