Eclipse Boosts Island Tourism

Forget Twilight, a New Eclipse Has Brought in the Money!
A spectacular solar eclipse plunged a group of islands into complete darkness on Sunday as it made its way across the Pacific Ocean. Tourists from around the world arrived in Tahiti and Easter Island to witness the stunning sight which has helped boost tourism in the area. Among the tourists were 5000 astronomers that had spread across the island range looking to find the best spot to witness the eclipse whist wearing specially designed glasses. The most popular spot to watch the phenomenon was Easter Island, which scientists believe to be the most impressive spot to view the total eclipse. The collection of monuments and ancient stones on Easter Island were covered in shadow, creating for some what would be the most memorable sight of the eclipse.
4,000 more tourists, film makers and scientists arrived in the remote Chilean World Heritage Site to view the eclipse from different region; there had been worries that the weather would obstruct viewing however observers were granted clear skies. Solar Eclipse glasses were sold to ensure that visitors to the area were able to witness the event which saw the alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth for just less than five minutes. Along with the many tourists and professionals, the event brought out several celebrity, Eclipse enthusiasts including film maker James Cameron.
In total around $10.8 million was spent across the island group, a welcome addition to the archipelago which has seen a drop in tourism over the last few years. Director of Tourism Ana Ianni stated that “We are pleased and excited by the interest generated by the eclipse. The five daily flights arriving in El Calafate were full on Friday and Saturday and the climate was excellent for watching,”

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