Ecuador Declares State of Siege

Tourists Warned Against Ecuador Travel

Travellers currently in the American Country of Ecuador have been warned to stay indoors after the government imposed a state of siege. The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa had to be escorted by armed forces out of a hospital in the capital city Quito after he was trapped inside by police protesting against planned budget cuts. The violence began on Thursday morning after hundreds of police officers turned the popular tourist destination into chaos. Airports were closed down and roads were blocked in a planned nationwide strike. Tourists already within Ecuador have been advised to keep up to date with the warnings and advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Currently officials are telling travellers that: ‚ÄúNumerous demonstrations are taking place in favour and against the government across the country. British nationals are advised to remain indoors, either at home or in their current location, if safe to do so. Those with immediate travel plans may be forced to put them on hold until the situation improves and are advised to contact their airline.”

The protests are set to continue into the week, after being freed from the hospital president Correa stated that far from being a simple police protest the violence was now an uprising stating that “There were lots of infiltrators, dressed as civilian and we know where they were from,”. The president was trapped inside the Quinto hospital for more than 12 hours after he was admitted to be treated for teargas injuries following a confrontation with hundreds of angry police officers.

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