Egypt Offers Even More Ancient Treasures

Archaeologists Unearth a Treasure Trove of Ancient Sphinxes

As one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, it is no surprise that the news of newly discovered historical monuments will bring even more visitors to Egypt. Archaeologists recently discovered 12 ancient sphinxes underneath modern housing developments in Luxor. The fascinating monuments are set to be unveiled to the public in an open air museum, early next year. Archaeologists found the sphinxes along a road that is known to have been a ceremonial route known as the Kabash Path. The path connects the impressive Karnak temple in Thebes to the famous Luxor Temple. The route was used by Egyptians in a ceremony to symbolise the union of two of their most sacred deities. The road was then used by the Romans and is believed to have been renovated by Cleopatra herself.

A spokesman for the archaeological team has expressed his excitement about the discovery, stating ‘It maybe shows that Cleopatra brought Mark Antony or Cesar on a journey up the Nile River to visit Sphinx Avenue.’ Over 850 sphinxes in different states of ruin have been discovered over recent years, many had been erected along roads such as the Kabash path alongside vast temples. Out of the 12 sphinxes that were found today, the majority of them were missing their heads however this will not stop thousands of eager tourists flocking to the country next year to view these unearthed treasures. Many experts believe that only 30% of ancient Egypt’s treasures have been discovered, with teams of archaeologists working hard to find more it seems that Egypt will continue to intrigue tourists for years to come.

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