Eiffel Tower Shutdown

Bomb Scare On Romance

The iconic structure that is the Eiffel Tower was the victim of a bomb alert recently which cut short the romantic evening that many tourists were enjoying. Terrorist tend never to be ones for courtesy and this circumstance is certainly an example of that. Fortunately the threat was false one, but nevertheless a full evacuation was carried out to ensure the safety of all those within the tower. The tower was built by an engineer by the name of Gustave Eiffel back in 1889 and its purpose was to be the centre piece of the world fair in Paris. I’m sure Gustave wouldn’t be best pleased by the tasteful prank played on those admiring his life’s work.

An anonymous call came through to the company which manage the Eiffel Tower at around 20:20 making the threat. After informing the Paris police there was special units, sniffer dogs and the whole nine yards there within minutes searching and evacuating the area. From the tower there were around 2,000 people evacuated, all of whom were kept safe by the river banks of the Seine and the Champ de Mars Park. After extensive searches of the Eiffel Tower police found nothing and declared it “a false alarm”, much to the delight of many.

Police seemed to have a busy day as they also received an anonymous threat to the St. Michel suburban train station which caused closures along the line from 15 minutes to an hour long. Again the threat appeared to be empty, but the police will be looking into these instances seriously in an attempt to catch the tasteless perpetrators.

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