Enjoy a slice of history during your holiday

A list of the top ten historic hotels across the world has been compiled.

Although many people choose their holiday destination based on sightseeing spots, traditional culture and of course great beaches, there is a new attraction that is enticing tourists to specific resorts across the world. Staying in one of the many historic hotels is an ideal way to fully experience the culture and history of a holiday resort, from Europe to the United States there are hotels that offer a valuable insight into the past history of the destination. The top ten historic hotels in the world were compiled into a list last week by a leading tour operator. Whether you wish to explore medieval Europe or enjoy staying in a suite fit for a president, take your pick from the world’s best historic hotels.
The list includes the beautiful Palace Beau Rivage in Switzerland, a five star accommodation that stands as a symbol of Europe’s aristocratic history. Many world leaders have stayed at the palace and enjoyed the lavish surroundings and wine cellar stocking with over 75,000 bottles. The Willard hotel in Washington DC is the ultimate expression of American comfort and style, one of the main attractions of a stay at the Willard is that it is the location where Martin Luther King wrote his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech. The Cadogan Hotel in London is a fantastic expression of Edwardian style, many playwrights such as Oscar Wilde has stayed in the Cadogan along with King Edward of England. The Grand Hotel Rimini in Italy is also featured on the list, the hotel was declared to be a National Monument by the Italian Government in 1994 and offers guests a world of French and Venetian style during their stay. The top ten historic hotels were determined by comparing the backgrounds of each building, the list showcases the ten that have the most exciting and interesting historical backgrounds.

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