Enjoying a Low Cost Australia Holiday

Simple Ways to Cut Costs in Oz

Holidays down in Australia can be costly from the get go, the price of flights alone can put many people off. Experienced travellers have certain tips and tricks which can make sure that your spending is kept low without having to stick rigidly to a budget. If you are willing to give up 5 star luxury hotels and Dolce & Gabbana designer clothes, then you’ll find great bargains all over.

Travellers are able to buy special backpacker cards for around £25 which allows you to get a discount for various popular tourist attractions in Australia and it will also give you one night’s free stay in any YHA Hostel. The overall saving here is very beneficial especially if you are going to b doing a lot of sightseeing. Accommodation is one way in particular where you can save a few pennies but that is all dependent on your standards. Many people are more than happy to bunk in hostels as for others the backpacker card still works well for discounts elsewhere.

Most people who go for a holiday in Australia do so to enjoy the fantastic weather and the beaches and with this in mind, shopping probably isn’t high on the list. If you are looking for souvenirs or an extra t-shirt for during the day then try the markets which can lower the cost you might pay heading to high street stores.

My final tip to you is public transport, though it may be a little difficult understanding what goes where it can save you a bundle opposed to hiring a car or getting taxis everywhere. You can apply plenty of things that you would do back home to save some cash which can ultimately make you money go along way or be spent on other things during your stay.

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