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Crocodile Dundee Grounded

Actor Paul Hogan, aged 70, star of the hit Crocodile Dundee films has been prevented from leaving his native Australia due to a reported outstanding tax bill. Many of you will be left wondering why the former painter on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, would even consider leaving the land down under. Many of us would break our backs to live in on the sun kissed shores of Australia or even just for a holiday. It appears that there is an issue over $37 million of unpaid tax, though the sum has since been amended after a five year dispute on the matter.

Reports from the Hogan camp say that the actor was very frustrated and disappointed that he was considered a “flight risk” as a result of the tax dispute. Surely a man of his fame would struggle to remain incognito if he were to attempt some form of escape. Hogan still claims that the tax issue is incorrect and that he has “paid plenty of tax” to the Australian government. The Crocodile Dundee trilogy will have been very lucrative for Hogan and the first instalment of those films remains Australia’s most successful film, certainly acting as a huge tourism draw during its heyday.

This news may be bad and annoying for the actor, though for everybody else it’s sure to reignite interest in the classic films and they might even be on the TV this weekend as a result. Some may go as far as to experience a bit of the ‘Mick Dundee’ lifestyle and pop on over to the land down under!

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