Farmers Take Safaris While Bankers Hit New York

A new survey by Virgin Atlantic has found that the job a person does may influence the holiday destinations they choose.

Individuals in the banking industry are more likely to spend their holidays on city breaks to New York, while farmers prefer to swap their farm animals for something more exotic on safaris in Kenya, according to Virgin’s survey of 3,000 Brits. The Caribbean was the preferred destination for both doctors and airline cabin crew, while lawyers are more partial to the fine foods, wines and countryside of France.

“Our jobs can often dictate where we holiday as budgets, interests and level of relaxation required are all influenced by what we do for a living,” commented Greg Dawson, Virgin Atlantic’s director of corporate communications. “However, what we do have in common, no matter the chosen profession, is that Brits are adventurous travellers, with 80% choosing a new destination each time they holiday,” he added.

Shopaholics were found to be most likely to head to the US to take advantage of the huge malls and discount stores, joining the lawyers in New York, or even heading to Orlando, which the region’s tourist board recently claimed can compete with LA and New York on retail offerings.

Fashion editor and stylist Melanie Pace, speaking on behalf of Visit Orlando, said that the area offered shopping covering all the world’s most prestigious brands, including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo and Chanel. Famous American brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Tommy Hilfiger were also widely available, with Orlando’s shopping opportunities being complemented by great weather and the area’s world-famous theme parks and golf courses.



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