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Europe-China Rail Link

The idea of long haul flights can be daunting, especially when you’re heading out on a journey for pleasure purposes. Sat cooped up on a stuffy plane for around 10 hours is no day at the park, so with the ability to travel by train just as fast makes things that little more enjoyable.

Yes it’s true you will soon be able to take the train from London all the way to Beijing in just two days as the Chinese are planning to build an international network for trains that will travel close to the speed of an aircraft. Precisely three networks are rumoured to be set up for high speed travel, one being the London to Beijing link and will also go to Singapore. The second network will go from north China, through Russia and then down to Germany. The third network will be focused in the Far East with the lines heading through Vietnam and Thailand then to Burma and Malaysia.

These super fast trains are expected to travel at speed close to 320km/h which is very close to the cruising speed of a Boeing 747 estimated at 362 mph. High speed rail networks already exist in Japan and Europe but Australia is a country that is vast and well spread out and could probably benefit from one. David George is a chief executive for Rail Innovation, and he believes that the well established technology is something that Australia should definitely be investing in.

While plenty of ‘first world countries’ are sniffing around the concept of high speed trains African nations are too intrigued by the ability to minimise travel between great distances with Morocco becoming very interested.

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