First Domestic Flights Set to Depart Today

Flights from Scotland are Given Go Ahead

After five days of flight chaos the first domestic flights are taking off in the UK. Airports are gradually beginning to open after the effects of an Icelandic volcano left many passengers stranded. The first planes to hit the skies will take off from Edinburgh and Glasgow heading to Stornaway, Belfast Airport is also hoping to start flights to Scotland sometime this morning. The first international flights to leave from the open Scottish airspace will travel to Reykjavik at noon today; passengers are being advised not to set off from the airport until the schedules have been confirmed by the airline or tour operator. Although the majority of Scottish airports are now open, the checks in areas are still almost empty with no ques. Flights from Newcastle Airport are set to depart over the next day with departures to Aberdeen and the Isle of Man scheduled for takeoff.
The volcanic ash cloud has caused a substantial amount of problems to the travel industry with airport operator BAA reporting that the flight restrictions is costing almost £6 million per day. Daily reports are set to continue until conditions are clear however southern airports are still closed to passengers. A statement released this morning from Nats has revealed that the volcano itself is strengthening with a new ash cloud spreading towards to UK; the constantly changing conditions mean that there is no definite end date to the travel chaos. Any passengers worried about travel plans are advised to keep watching for updates, Nats and the Met office are set to release reports throughout the day determining any further airport openings or closures.

Author: Peter Ellis Amoore

Date: 20/04/2010

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