First Space Hotel Ready In 2015

Russia Unveils Plans for Luxury Hotel in Space
Space Tourism may not be on the forefront of many holidaymakers’ minds at the moment, however with developments happening on an almost daily basis it may not be too long before space is just another option for a summer break. With Virgin already at the test stages for their spacecraft ‘Galactic’ there are plenty of other countries that are hoping to make their mark on the world of space tourism. Russia has just released details of their plans to create a space hotel in orbit by the end of 2015. The hotel will be the first of its kind and will be built by the company Orbital Technologies. The first stage of the space hotel will be ready by the end of 2013 and will be 20 cubic metres in area. There will be four separate chambers than can accommodate seven people at the same time. Whilst enjoying their space vacation, tourists will have food and other supplies brought to them via Progress rockets. At present the name for the hotel is the Commercial Space Station and has already been declared to be more comfortable that the International Space Station with large portholes and all of the trimmings of a luxury hotel.
Along with being a hotel for space tourists, the Commercial Space Centre will also serve another purpose. Astronauts and cosmonauts will be able to use the hotel as a base when conducting experiments in space. Although at present space tourism is a luxury travel option only available to those with a large amount of money to spend, the vast amount of commercial developments could open the skies up to us all.

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