Flight Delays and Cancellations

Severe Weather Returns

As expected there has been heavy snow fall over the weekend and icy weather has returned to the whole of the UK causing its fair share of disruption in the travel industry. Throughout Europe there is a long list of flight delays and cancellations at many of the continents major airports. Here are some updates from major UK airports:

George Best Belfast City Airport: Flight Disruption

Cardiff Airport: Flight Disruption

London City Airport: Flight Disruption

Gatwick Airport: Flight Disruption

Newcastle International Airport: Flight Disruption

Birmingham Airport: Flight Delays

Heathrow Airport: Reduced Arrivals and Departures until 6am on 22/12/2010

As usual, if you are planning on a long journey to an airport it is strongly recommended that you check online before you leave to make sure that your flight hasn’t been cancelled and is still running on time. So far there hasn’t been any outright closure to a major UK airport, but there is still a backlog of flights and delays will certainly mount up. Long haul flights are most likely to be still running as scheduled, but flights within Europe will suffer as a result.

If you were planning on driving home for Christmas then you should probably start now, that way you might just make it.

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